What’s a Twitter?

katemantilinirestaurant_twitterA week ago, I didn’t know the difference between a tweetdeck, twitterific, tweetspinner, twitter or for that matter, a twit!  But as i told someone tonight in my restaurant, I’m operating a business in 2010 and I simply cannot afford not to be active and knowledgeable about these new forms of communication and community.  Marshall McCluhan’s famous quote that we are a global village speaks accurately to today’s world:  We are a community of individuals with specific tastes, interests and passions.  We can write about them as I am right now, and connect with people I would never know even existed; I would touch them in a way I might never know.  All of a sudden, they follow me on Twitter or Facebook and I have potentially new customers… I’ve added to my community and I’ve become a part of someone else’s. This is today’s magic; technology that is not the end but the means to an end.  Cavemen drew their stories on caves, printing presses got the message out to a greater number of people; political pamphlets espousing their positions were the only means of getting across their ideas in the early history of our country; talking heads do the same thing on CNN and MSNBC .  We speak to the world today from the comfort of our homes (I am sitting on an armchair with my legs supported by an ottoman, laptop where it belongs… on my lap) writing words that is really just for me but may be read by my community just because I post it.

We operate restaurants that require visibility, exposure.  Billboards, print ads, even word of mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore.  The youth today moves with the twitterized message.  Even their parents, my generation, are moved by social media, either directly or indirectly.  We can’t fight nor should we want to.  The process is engaging, the outcome is that we have more customers and I get to wrap my mind around new concepts.  Learning continues.  I love it.

And of course, I can’t forget to remind you that American Roadhouse Cuisine is served at Kate Mantilini in both Woodland Hills and Beverly Hills.  I love that phrase:  American Roadhouse Cuisine.  Makes me think of 1940′s truck stops but with flair and panache, style.

See you next time

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